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The Lie Must Be Repeated!

The general narrative within most entertainment is the hidden program, every scope of your influenced reality is an echo of the same thing. Everything from video games to box office movies and everything in between. And if one has a high enough knowledge of things and a focused attention to the details one can see that generally the plot lines of every story book to video games all have the same plot no matter the platform or media. In point of fact its repulsive how much it is repeated! And all of us have lived in this best described “echo chamber” of this same plot line for our entire lives on multitudes of levels without ever even considering the concept of knowing of it’s vast scope of influence in what we have come to know as ourselves.

This echo’s influence exceeds far and above the influences of the people within what “should” be your most valued alliances called family or tribe in ones navigation through this life experience.  We only need a bit of understanding of how our brain works, as we have come to know it.

Follow me here!

Just what is your life experience? It amounts to what is essentially by cognitive functionality, our own preconceived notions of multiple narratives of how things were/are/will be in our past/present/future self’s existence, at every single instant from the time you fell from the firmament to the land. At an even deeper understanding of things, by blind obedience to the repeated program that has been echoing throughout all known time, as most has come to understand it. By following what I call THE BEAST program your natural self analytics is rewired from true self perspective to a third persons perspective. How could that be done you ask? Simply by planting the desired perspective into your mind as quickly and repetitively as possible. From cradle to grave you are conditioned to, externalize your hierarchy. An in your face example of this is any political party, religion, business, gang, democracy, any collectivist ideology. Any and every time you allow yourself to be considered “like” everyone else as your frame of reference. The more the BEAST SYSTEM can implant a third party perspective for you to consider as thought ultimately becoming our primary reference point for our self image. We begin to build this perspective from as early as you cant even remember.

Sound crazy?

Mark Passio at What on Earth is Happening has a great presentation on this! One of the best I have seen! Follow him at:

Just to get the neurons firing for you, when did you learn how everyone ties their shoe? Or how about how to put pants on one leg at a time. All the way to how to be part of a certain group or team? Our entire lives is all about how to be like everyone else, for some it to be like a Kardashian or their personal false idols. So tell me,  how is one ever going to discover who and what they are personally if all the social order is designed to distract you with visual temptations and preconceived notions of the way the world of people think and perceive you? By not devoting time never just learning to take the time for just you, for all of you to enjoy your own company. Enjoy your own unique perspectives and experiences? Taking deliberate time to Freely think and contemplate your beginnings, possibilities, and probable out comes about your internal self development? Time to manage things that require immediate attention to manage decisions that will need to be made or the for ones you already made. By taking time to ourselves with no outside noise gives us a distinctive advantage in a conformist society. But this is not about that subject in particular.

What Is It To Freely Contemplate Your Being?

Self Discovery!

The true you is waiting for you! The one not limited by preconceived notions of what others perceive you to be. Or what the system has lead you to believe you to be.

Who are you from your own perspective? As if you are completely alone looking into a doorway looking out your experiences eyes. Seeing every second of everyday from multiple contemplated perspectives, that happen within seconds of every nano second of your perceived experience. All the great life changing events, to the most horrifying experiences some of us have had to this point right now. Every emotion, every touch, every single element of you is recorded into the physical world via our brain. As simple as that. That’s what we do by nature. Our internal world is our reality all to ourselves upon which it is transmitted out to be created into the perceived physical world of our own creation both individually, as well as to the collective. We can try and run from this concept but, it just is.

The potential of the human brain is phenomenal, and Tony Buzan has been a pioneer in researching that potential and helping people learn how to make the most of their brainpower. The Mind Map Book is his most important and comprehensive book on the subject. It offers exciting new ways of using and improving memory, concentration, and creativity in planning and structuring thought on all levels, in order to accelerate the ability to learn, remember, and record information.

  If I were to tell you, that your brain has created electrical pathways to solidify your reality as you perceive it to be. Further as electrical/magnetic entities functioning as natures WIFI radio/transmitters pinging out data through all perceived space and time without ever thinking how natural it relay is. Every single last one of us can’t remotely imagine the vast amount of “things” you already know without knowing you know them. Our entire physical systems that make up you is designed by nature to do exactly that, collect ALL data of ALL creation and returning that data back to the creator of all things. After we add our two cents! From the seen, to the unseen as, well as the intention to be so, I’ll leave that there for now.

Electrical Generator!

If you think that is the equation, than you will never find the truth of what you are.

What did you think you were, if not the most amazing life expression this solar system has done it’s part in creating? You think you exist to be limited and restrained in a perceived body and mind.  You firmly believe that you are your own master of will, yet ask permission to use your own private property in the common way of life, as we have created to be. You see, no sticker or licence plate, plastic card with a picture on it, protects anyone from anything. It was never meant to! Do you really need me to tell you why this system was implemented in the way it has been programmed for some of you to automatically respond with the belief that they some how do keep you safer?


One of the Tools used to control your will!

The reason is so simple it should give you the chills! This is simply done, because you allow them to make you do them. At the fundamental level, at the bottom of the rat hole that is the BEAST SYSTEM is because you allow them to do it to you. You have never been introduced to a program that teaches you a reality that exists just outside of your perception of things. This I intend to lay before you if you allow me to do so.


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